Meet Our Team

Marc Dabagian

Catering Manager

Marc Dabagian is accomplished Catering Manager with 23 years’ experience. He enjoys “helping clients to relax and feel confident that things are going to go well.” Marc also enjoys “taking good care of customers and making it a positive, fun experience.” Mr. Dabagian has a background in graphic design, free-lance art, writing and also in the restaurant business. Marc loves exercise and spending time with his family. His favorite dessert is ice cream. “Life near the bone is sweetest” by Thoreau is Mr. Dabagian’s favorite quote. Marc loves interaction with clients and knowing that his work meant something to them. Humor is one of Mr. Dabagian’s best attributes.

Angel Griffin-Louis


Angel Griffin-Louis is Manager of The Garden on Millbrook. Angel is a proud native of North Carolina but early in life relocated to Baldwin, New York. She decided that she loves North Carolina so much that she just couldn’t stay away. Angel holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Special Education and a Masters of Social Work degree as well. Angel loves making customers feel very happy. She is known for her hard work ethic and ability to run a successful business. In her spare time Angel enjoys being a Mom of two young boys. Her favorite food is Chef Melos sundried tomato cream sauce. Mrs. Louis favorite quote is “to thine own self be true.”

Ken Reid

Production Director

Ken Reid is the Disc Jockey, video recorder, Marketing Director and Sound and Light Engineer of The Garden on Millbrook. With a Degree in Broadcasting from Hofstra University and a long work history with Verizon as The Director of Production and Provisioning Ken Reid is a multi-talented asset to The Garden on Millbrook. Ken hails from Brooklyn, NY but now calls North Carolina home. Ken Reid is the proud recipient of the 2014 Stellar Award for musical excellence. Ken’s favorite part of his job is “Making the bride and groom very happy.” Ken Reid feels that he can “Change the world one song at a time.” When he is not working, he is an avid sports fan and enjoys working out.